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Thought Space Athletics

TSA Synapse Glow "DG God" Disc Golf Distance Driver

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The Thought Space Athletics Glow Synapse DG God is a high speed disc golf distance driver that has big glide and an overstable finish. The stamp features a three headed god with 8 arms, two of the skulls have mouths with forked tongues, the arms hold a discs, a basket, scepters, and a mirror. They're all floating on a rock and this is one of the coolest stamps ever. This disc also glows in the dark for extra cool vibes.

The flight path of the Synapse is overstable with lots of distance. It handles a little bit of high speed turn but it's more control than maximum distance. You'll get that reliable wide rim driver flight that you're used to and the Synapse handles the backhand and forehand equally well. It's made for bigger arm players who are already throwing 300+ feet consistently. It's pretty solid into a headwind or crosswind because it has enough stability, but in a tailwind you may want to disc down to something more flippy. The Synapse is designed to give you a solid blend of accuracy and distance and get you up and down the fairway. Throw it with confidence and dial in those drives.

Glow plastic from ThoughtSpace is a durable blend of plastic. It's got great grip and you can throw it in the daytime or at night when you charge it up with a flashlight. It's going to have slightly less stability than premium blends like Aura or Ethos plastic right out of the box.

The Glow God Synapse from TSA is a great disc for players who want something that looks amazing, has a long stable flight, and can glow in the dark. It's got a good shot at becoming your go to driver, so what are you waiting for? Snag one of these today! More