Thought Space Athletics

TSA EV-7 Phi OG Soft "Flare Mandala" Disc Golf Putter

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The OG Soft Phi from EV-7 is a straight flying putter that offers players a chance to connect with chains from short or longer distances. It's beadless and high glide so you can be a chain chaser from inside circle 1 all the way out to 200 feet. The stamp features a Mandala design from Thought Space Athletics. "Mandala" means circle in the ancient language Sanskrit and Mandala art features the cosmos and heavenly bodies. ThoughtSpace crushes the disc golf stamp game every time and this is no exception.

The flight path of the Phi is straight, both inside the circle and from a little distance. This makes it a great choice for putting with, just aim at the chains and you're good to go. If you're looking for a throwing putter or approach disc it does have high glide so give it a little height to coast to the basket. The Phi is stable but not with any real hyzer finish, so it is susceptible to headwinds or crosswinds. The Phi was made to be straight flying and to offer disc golfers a disc that carries without moving from side to side. It's not a great choice for the forehand or sidearm shot but does well with a backhand.

OG Soft plastic from EV-7 is a baseline blend of plastic that's softer than usual. It will allow you to depress your thumb more firmly into the disc and get a little more turnover flight. It's a perfect choice for your putting putter if you like something a little softer.

The Phi is a very straight flying disc. It's what you want for a super reliable disc you can trust with your putt, test out the Phi from EV-7. More