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Thought Space Athletics

TSA EV-7 Phi OG Base "Eyerachnid" Disc Golf Putter

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The OG Baseline Phi from EV-7 is a very straight flying putter that works hard to keep your shot flat and to have long glide. It's a fantastic putter that's perfect for banging chains, but it's also a great approach disc as well. The Phi is a beadless putter and features a stamp from ThoughtSpace Athletics. The Eyearachnid features a spider with eyes on the backside in an upside down skull. The artwork on this disc makes it a treat to look at any time you pull it out of your bag, which will be 18 times per round to putt.

The flight path of the Phi is very straight inside the circle. With the little bit of extra glide it has compared to other putters you can know that it won't drop quite as quickly as more stable discs. So don't aim quite as high in the chains when you're putting. It does hold the angle very well, so if you're a hyzer putter you can still give it that power you like and the disc will fly straight. As an approach disc the Phi is very glide friendly and will ride whatever wind is blowing. It's straight but not really overstable, so if you're throwing in a crosswind or a headwind the disc will react. The Phi will be a great choice when you need a straight disc from 5 to 200 feet and can give the disc time to glide to the basket or landing zone.

OG Base plastic from EV-7 is their baseline blend which offers players lots of grip. It's what you're looking for in a putter because those little nicks and dings in the plastic give you additional grip, which is most important on a putter. It's great in any weather and won't become as stiff as some premium blends in cold weather.

The OG Base Phi from EV-7 is designed to be one of the straightest putters ever. It's dependable when you're driving off the short tees and it will be an excellent choice inside the circle as well. See why people are always talking about how the Phi is improving their disc golf game and snag one of these nice putters today! They're so beautiful you may need one for the wall and one for your bag. More