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Thought Space Athletics

TSA Ethereal Synapse "Dragon" Disc Golf Distance Driver

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The Thought Space Athletics Ethereal Synapse Dragon Disc Golf Distance Driver is a stable to overstable high speed driver. The stamp features a hidden dragon in the design and symbols. See if you can spot it!

The flight path of the Synapse is going to be high speed turn and then a gradual forward glide and a long fade at the end. This is definitely an S curve flight pattern that's great for forehand or backhand players. The Synapse is a high speed driver that's designed for advanced players or players with bigger arms who routinely throw 325+ feet. This disc wants to be your go to driver, it's got that distance your looking for but that consistent stable fade to make it perfect for knowing where it will land. You'll like throwing this when you have a fairly open fairway to work with, the Synapse does best when it has room to swing side to side to get the maximum distance.

Ethereal plastic from Thought Space is a premium blend of plastic. It's got a shiny luster and it's very durable with a little bit more flex in it than the aura plastic. You can still expect excellent grip, and a slightly less overstable disc right out of the box. It's a great choice from TSA for a touring professional disc golfer as well as the average joe. Ethereal plastic is affordable and lasts for years, it's going to keep your Synapse flying the same way for a very long time.

The Thought Space Athletics Ethereal Synapse Dragon disc is designed for big arm or experienced level players. This long forward glide with an S curve is how you get big distance and still control the landing space for this disc. This is the first TSA distance driver, so fill that slot in your bag and swipe one of these amazing discs today!

Speed 12 | Glide 5 | Turn -1.5 | Fade 3

Ethereal Plastic

  • Supreme Grip in all weather conditions
  • Less stable than other premium blends
  • A little more flex in the plastic