Thought Space Athletics

TSA Ethereal Praxis "Seeley Red Panda" Disc Golf Putter

The TSA Ethereal Praxis Buddha is a disc golf putter that doubles as an approach disc. It has a stable flight mixes with a long glide. 

The flight path of the Praxis depends on the angle of release. When released flat as a drive or upshot, the Praxis will fly straight and have a slow hyzer finish at the end of the flight. When thrown on a hyzer, the Praxis will continue that hyzer the whole flight. It's a great choice for a hole that has a slow bend when a mid might be too fast. When thrown on anhyzer, the Praxis doesn't flex back, instead it's going to pan out to flat and will follow that turn to the ground. As a putting putter this disc is super straight inside 33 feet and the fade won't effect it too much. It has high glide as well, so it works great for spin putters.

Ethereal plastic from Thought Space Athletics is a premium blend, valued for how much extra grip it has. It doesn't have the same durability as other blends like Aura or Ethos, but it does fly like a beat in disc. This gives you a little more distance and glide right away instead of seasoning a harder plastic Praxis.