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TSA Ethereal Omen "Cast" Disc Golf Fairway Driver

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The Ethereal Omen Cast Distance Driver from ThoughtSpace Athletics is an overstable disc that offers players plenty of utility in their throws. It's that wicked overstable driver with a thinner rim to give you easy grip. The Omen is perfect for headwind shots, skip shots, flex shots, and will always throw the same way any time you're in trouble. Thought Space kills the stamp game again with this one. It features a tattooed mage with their eyes shrouded in a hood, casting a spell that winds up into the sky. With a bowl and dagger, leaves fluttering in the wind, and all the phases of the moon behind them, this stamp looks more intriguing every second you look at it.

The flight path of the Omen is going to be straight for as long as it has power, then it will begin a short dump fade and get to the ground quickly. This disc isn't your maximum distance driver, it's going to be for those tunnel shots when you need a hard dogleg hook at the end. It's a great choice for flexing and shot shaping, or for skip shots. You can rip it on forehand or backhand with success either way. The Omen is a fighter in a headwind, go ahead and power up with confidence every time that this disc wants to get down and hyzer out. It's definitely a disc made with the advanced or pro player in mind.

Ethereal plastic from TSA is a very good blend of slightly more flexible plastic. It's going to have a little more give in the flight plate right away this will give the disc a little extra glide and will go slightly further, like a seasoned or beaten in Omen. It also won't be as overstable in the winter when discs shrink and get harder.

The Ethereal Omen is a fantastic overstable disc. It's got that long throw, no glide potential, and gives you confidence that it won't ever flip over. Try out one of these gorgeous stamp discs while you they're still available! More