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TSA Ethereal Mantra "Peonies" Disc Golf Fairway Driver

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The ThoughtSpace Athletics Ethereal Mantra "Peonies" is an understable disc golf fairway driver. It's going to be your choice for a flip up hyzer, long glidey turnovers, and for smaller arm throwers it's going to be an S curve disc. The Peonies stamp features flowers with skulls inside of them and they're facing the sun. The layered flower petals in different colors look amazing and TSA rocks the stamp game again.

The flight path of the Mantra is understable and offers high glide. It's a perfect choice for players who want something that can turn for a majority of the flight and then land flat. It excels when you want something with a lot of movement from the middle to anhyzer side. You can also use the Mantra as a hyzer flip disc when you learn to control it. Players with slower arm speeds can rely on the Mantra to be an S curve disc for big distance.

Ethereal plastic from ThoughtSpace is a little bit of a softer blend. It's great for having a little bit more flex in the disc and will be more understable than premium blends of plastic right out of the box. It won't stiffen up as much in cold weather or rain either, and provides some of the best grip.

The Ethereal Mantra is an awesome disc. Use them for those turnovers, rollers, and big glide shots. Trust the Mantra and pull it out of your bag for all your utility shots. Snag one of these while they last!