Thought Space Athletics

TSA Ethereal Animus "Snakes" on a Disc Disc Golf Distance Driver

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The Thought Space Athletics Ethereal Animus Snakes on a Disc is a limited edition stamped disc golf distance driver. This disc is stable with good glide and a reliable fade at the end. It's got a gorgeous entanglement with the 4 snakes creating a unique loop with spectacular colors.

The flight path of the Animus is straight for the first half, with a sligtht turn in the middle and then as the disc slows down it begins to hzyer and fade out. An Animus is a great choice for both forehand and backhand throwers. It's got a small rim and a flat flight plate so folks with small hands can throw something with glide. The late fade gives you a chance to really push the Animus down the fairway before it has any hyzer. It's not overstable, but if you throw it with a tailwind or don't give it enough power this disc will die out in a quick fade.

Ethereal plastic from TSA or ThoughtSpace Athletics is slightly less stable out of the box than some of their other premium blends. It's a little softer but still very durable. Perfect for extra grip in the winter or wet conditions, Ethereal plastic is a choice of players of all skill levels from beginner to touring pros.

The TSA Ethereal Animus Snakes on a Disc is a gorgeous disc that's reliable. You can trust it to fly straight out there, and do a little s curve before fading back at the end of the flight. See why so many people are swearing by this disc today.

Speed 11  | Glide 5 | Turn 0 | Fade 2

Ethereal Plastic

  • Supreme Grip in all weather conditions
  • Less stable than other premium blends
  • A little more flex in the plastic