Thought Space Athletics

TSA Aura Praxis "Nautilus" Disc Golf Putter

The Thought Space Athletics Aura Praxis Nautilus is a disc golf putter that cans close range putts and can be your semi stable approach disc as well. It features the beautiful Nautilus stamp with the golden ratio shell.

The flight path of the Praxis is stable with very high glide for a putter. Inside 33 feet you can putt this straight at the chains and it will have a slight hyzer when it enters the basket, but you don't have to aim outside the chains to hit. As a driving or upshot disc, the Praxis has that stable quality when thrown backhand. It's going to be straight when thrown flat, with little to no turn and then a gentle fade at the end. For a sidearm or forehand throw, the Praxis falls a little short in stability. Use the Praxis when you want a disc to hold a hyzer the whole way, or to pan out from an anhyzer shot. This disc excels in the 50-250 foot shot, and the more height you give the Praxis the better off you'll be.

Aura plastic from TSA is a premium blend prized for durability, stiff with a little flex, and the choice of many Team Thought Space players. It's got that glossy look but still has good grip. You can rely on Aura plastic to be used day in and day out, it's available in many weights and colors as well.

This disc is a jack of all trades inside 250 feet. You can putt with it, throw an approach, or drive with it. Put this in your bags top pocket, it's easier to get and will be your choice on many shots.

Speed 3 | Glide 3 | Turn 0 | Fade 1

Aura Plastic

  • Solid durability
  • Excellent grip
  • Slight flex to the disc