Thought Space Athletics

TSA Aura Omen "Contortionist" Disc Golf Fairway Driver

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The Aura Omen Contortionist Disc Golf Distance Driver is a very overstable disc that's going to offer you a reliable fade in even the strongest headwind. It's that utility disc that ThoughtSpace needs in their disc lineup. You can forehand or backhand the Omen and still get that controlled hyzer flight. The stamp is always one of the coolest things about a TSA disc, it's no different with the contortionist. It features a woman in a contortionist pose with legs above her head and balanced on her elbows on the floor. There's a cat, dagger in a heart, sun, flower, spider web, chain, and horseshoe tattoos on the woman as well as a flower in her hair.

The flight path of the Omen is going to be straight for as long as the driver has any power. With a low glide, it's going to go as far as you throw it and then begin to dump. The omen won't be your max distance driver, it's far to stable for that. But it's going to be a disc you can flex and know it will always come back no matter the weather conditions. This is a disc designed with the advanced or professional player in mind. You can crush as hard as you want with the Omen and not worry that it's going to flip over.

Aura plastic from Thought Space Athletics is a premium and durable blend. You're going to hit trees and other obstacles from time to time but still want that same overstable flight to last for years and it will. It's got good grip and comes in a wide variety of weights and colors. Aura is a plastic you'll see pro players on Team ThoughtSpace throwing as well as recreational players, it's because it works.

The Omen is a fantastic disc to pickup. It's going to throw the same every time, and being reliable is important in disc golf. It's a fighter on the windiest of days and will help you with skip shots, flex shots, and your high fade situational needs. See why people love throwing the Omen and get yourself one today. More