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TSA Aura Mantra "Awakening" Disc Golf Fairway Driver

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The ThoughtSpace Athletics Aura Mantra "Awakening" stamp is an understable disc golf fairway driver that's going to offer high glide and lots of turn. It's a disc you can pull out and flip over for long shots, hyzer flip, roll with, or do a sky high turnover. Thought Space crushed the stamp game again, the Awakening features a woman with palms up and magic floating from her forehead.

The flight path of the Mantra is understable. You can release it flat for a flight path that is easy turnover early in the flight and it holds that anhyzer line the whole way. It doesn't want to stable up. Throw the Mantra when you have a long shot that you need to carry lots of anny the whole way. It also benefits from a little extra height to give it more time to move from side to side. This disc has use for players of every skill level, beginners will love it for distance and advanced players will value the shot shape ability with the Mantra. It's going to be a disc you pull out of your bag for lots of versatile shots.

Aura plastic from ThoughtSpace is a premium blend. It's super durable and offers great grip. It's what you'll see Team TSA players throwing on the Disc Golf Pro Tour because Aura plastic works week in and week out. It's affordable and makes sense for the average player to throw as well. You'll love it because it's going to last you years. It's an excellent choice for the Mantra because you want something that has a little durability to it so it doesn't become too flippy.

The Awakening Mantra from ThoughtSpace is understable, offers high glide, great utility and has a sweet stamp. Be sure to get yours while you can! More