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MVP Tri-Lit LED Disc Lights Disc Golf Accessories

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Product Description

MVP Tri-Lit LED Disc Lights Disc Golf Accessories are a perfect addition to any bag. They don't need to be on MVP specific discs, but you'll want one per disc for all that you're going to throw. These will light up the disc and the area around it so you can find them in the dark.

Simply attach the LED tri lit to the bottom of a disc with some clear tape. Packing tape works quite well and is easy to apply. Make sure you tape it with the lights pointed down as they're quite bright and will blind you while driving.

They can be turned on and off with a little depression of a button.

If you want to play at night with non-glow discs and not lose your drivers this is the answer. The MVP Tri-Lit LED Disc Lights are affordable and work well. There are multiple colors and a rotation of flashing colors as well. So you can get the effect you find easiest to find.

Good luck night golfers!

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