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MVP Proton Catalyst Disc Golf Distance Driver

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The MVP Catalyst in the Proton plastic is an understable high speed disc golf distance driver. This disc was designed for players to get a big S curve and to have a long high glide flight that leads to max distance. It's for players who are consistently reaching 300+ feet but want more out of their discs. It features the classic MVP black rim with extra weight for a gyroscopic flight.

The flight path of the Catalyst is going to have lots of early turn when thrown flat or on a slight anhyzer then it will flex to flat and ride out the flight on a little hyzer. With a little bit of power you can get the Catalyst to fly down the fairway on shaped shots. It's going to be the disc you turn to in your bag when you have a tailwind, or when you have lots of room and you need more distance than your go to driver. It's a great choice for forehand or backhand players. The main thing you can expect with your Catalyst driver is that it's always going to go far. You can have it be a flip up hyzer, an S curve, or hold a turnover and always know that you won't be coming up short with it.

Proton plastic from MVP is a premium blend known for it's durability and consistent flight. It tends to be a bit more overstable than other plastics and take longer to beat in. It's a great choice for the Catalyst as you will be ripping this for years and want it to still have a little stable finish.

The MVP Catalyst is going to give you that extra bit of distance on the drive over your other discs. It's that maximum distance disc that lets you access further away greens. Get that huge S curve and see why players love this driver. More