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InZone Disc Golf

InZone Kwik-Stik XL Hook Disc Golf Accessories

The InZone Kwik-Stik XL Hook is an absolute must bag.  It's almost as essential to a round as your putter, buy one and you'll never play without it again.  The Kwik-Stik weights 1 pound, so it's the same as carrying 3 extra discs and it's totally worth it.

This is the improved model with a screw on hook head and a screw on yellow disc retrieving head depending on your needs. You can detach them easily and quickly if you need to use the hook or the yellow head.

The Kwik-Stik is only 18 inches long, but when you extend it, it can grow to 14 feet, that's 9x the reach!  Use the Kwik-Stik to get your disc out of the water, out of the mud, out of a tree, or out of pricker bushes.  It fits into most backpack bags in the side slot.

Pro Tip #1  Leave the hook up when storing the Kwik-Stik in your bag.  The hook will catch the bottom of the bag otherwise and can be tough to remove. 

Pro Tip #2 Make sure you have towel with you as well.  The disc will be muddy/wet and so will your Kwik-Stik.  Give both a good wipe down as well so your bag isn't a mess.

The Kwik-Stik is going to pay for itself after a couple of retrieved discs.  Don't be without one, and you can be the hero on your card.  Pick up the Kwik-Stik now.
Don't use this near power lines and only use the stik to pull towards you, the pole can't handle lots of side to side weight.


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