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Innova XT RhynoX Disc Golf Putter

The Innova XT RhynoX Disc Golf Putter is a grippy overstable approach disc that's perfect for your upshot needs. This disc has a thumbtrac on top, perfect for a reliable release and it keeps the disc a little slower which is perfect for minimizing glide.

The flight path of the RhynoX is straight with fade at the end of the flight. Don't let the 4 fade fool you, because this disc isn't in the air long it doesn't have time to fade a long distance the way a driver with a fade of 4 would. That rating is more about the stability of the RhynoX. It's great if you're throwing a backhand or a forehand and you need the disc to not flip over. You can really grip and rip the RhynoX without worrying about overpowering the disc. You'll find yourself turning to this reliable approach disc over and over again. There's almost no glide in this putter, it's perfect for approaching with because you won't overshoot the basket.

XT Plastic is a great choice for players who like superior grip and a little more durability than DX plastic. It's a great choice for putters because it has extra durability without being slippery. It does beat in, but a little more gradually than a base plastic. It's available at a great price from Sabattus Disc Golf.

If you want a disc that can fly straight without fear of it turning over, and a little more durability and grip than DX, look no further than the Innova XT RyhnoX!

Speed 2 | Glide 1 | Turn 0 | Fade 4

XT Plastic

  • Midgrade plastic that slowly wears in over time.
  • Grippy, firm feel that performs well in all weather conditions.
  • Extra tough durability that can take a beating.
  • Popular plastic for putters and mid-range discs.