Innova XT Nova XXL Legendary Disc Golf Putter

The Innova XT Nova XXL Legendary Disc Golf Putter is a stable approach disc with lots of extra glide to get you to the pin. The stamp features a supernova in the O of Nova. It's another killer stamp design from Marm O. Set who turns out awesome artwork for these discs.

The flight path of the Nova is incredibly straight. It's got a turn and fade of 0 which mean that as long as you release this disc level. You should expect to see it fly at where you aim it. The Nova is useful when you need to gently glide to your target and excels at 50-150 feet.

XT Plastic is durable and still maintains a great stiffness for the grip. This particular run of Nova's is said to be a little more sticky on the rim, so don't expect as many rollaways. The XT plastic helps keep the flight plate flat even if you do hit a couple of trees with this very accurate approach putter.

If you're looking for a beautiful disc that you can throw and doesn't require a lot of speed. You've found it in the XXL Nova. These are limited edition discs, so get them while you can!

Speed 2 | Glide 3 | Turn 0 | Fade 0

XT Plastic

  • Midgrade plastic that slowly wears in over time.
  • Grippy, firm feel that performs well in all weather conditions.
  • Extra tough durability that can take a beating.
  • Popular plastic for putters and mid-range discs.