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Innova XT Aviar Galactic Voyager Disc Golf Putter

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The Innova XT Galactic Voyager Aviar is a swirly disc that's perfect at catching the chains. If you're looking for a throwing putter it's a straight flying disc with lots of glide and a little soft fade at the end of the flight. The XT Galactic Voyager features some amazing artwork.

The flight path of the Aviar is straight at 50 feet which makes it one of the best putters and most popular in the game. This mold has been made since 1983 and it's used by world champions and in beginner packs, and thrown by players of all skill levels in between. When you're throwing the Aviar as an approach disc or off the tee it's going to have lots of glide and a long straight flight with a hyzer finish. You can feel confident using this disc from 5 feet to 250 feet. Almost every player starts out throwing this disc and learning angle control.

XT Plastic from Innova is a blend that's a little stiffer than DX and slightly more durable. It's the choice of players who are looking for something with a little more grip and keeps those same flight characteristics. The plastic with the galactic is a little softer so expect this disc to have a little more glide and to beat in easier than premium blends.

You know the Aviar. It's consistent and literally every other model of putter is compared to it. This is just one of the prettiest versions of the disc. It's predictable and used by pro players on tour for winning big tournaments. So check out one of these awesome discs and get something that will wow everyone on the course.