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Innova Star TL Disc Golf Fairway Driver

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The Innova Star TL stands for Tight Lines, because that's what you'll be hitting with this disc. It's a disc golf fairway driver that offers players lots of glide and very little side to side movement in the flight. The TL has a small rim so anyone can hold it. The transition from the wing to the flight plate isn't perfectly smooth but it's still very comfortable to forehand.

The flight path of the TL is straight for most of the flight with very little turn at high speed. With the high amount of glide in the TL you just throw it on the line you want it to hold and then you let it go the whole way. It's like throwing a faster midrange disc. The TL will flip over if you throw it with too much speed and power, it's ideally a disc you're throwing 150-300 feet. If you're throwing in that range it will have a slight hyzer finish to it but that just keeps the disc stable. You will glide to the target, unlike the TL3 which is more point and shoot. The TL will teach you angle control, if the disc isn't ending up mostly straight where you point it you're throwing with either an anhyzer or a hyzer release. You can rely on this disc to hit those super small gaps and help you score better each round.

Star Plastic from Innova is a premium blend. It's known for the versatile color choices, how durable it is, and how you can rely on it. Players on Team Innova use this plastic every week on the Disc Golf Pro Tour because it works and takes time to beat in.

The Innova Star TL is going to fill that slot in your bag when you're not sure if you want a mid or a driver but don't want all that driver fade. It's good for beginners who don't throw high speed yet, and advanced players can make this their workhorse disc. Snag an Innova TL now and see how it improves your game. More