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Innova Star Tern Halo 2022 Ohn Scoggins Tour Series Disc Golf Distance Driver

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The Ohn Scoggins 2022 Tour Series Halo Tern is a high speed disc golf distance driver that's going to be an amazing choice for players looking for maximum distance. Give the Tern plenty of height and power and you'll see booming S curve shots with it. The stamp features a female archer with her bow drawn and arrowheads all around pointing out. It's a really cool design.

The flight path of the Tern is going to be flippy at first with a long forward glide and then a slow hyzer finish. It's not meant to be thrown on tight fairways unless you're going to hyzer flip it. This disc is going to have lots of side to side movement and get very far down the fairway. It's a monster with either the forehand or the backhand. Give the Tern lots of space and power and it will give you distance. If you're consistently reaching 350+ feet it's worth bagging the Tern as something to bring out when you have field holes. When you do season this up a bit it can be your flip hyzer disc, but that's going to take a while.

Halo Star plastic is a very durable and premium blend from Innova. It's going to be slightly more overstable than even champion plastic when it comes out of the box. It's going to last you a long time and take a while to season. Halo plastic has become a favorite of amateur players and players on the disc golf pro tour because of both its beauty and effectiveness.

The 2022 Ohn Scoggins Halo Tern is awesome. It's your go to distance disc and offers you a disc that you can flip up and over when it beats in. But this is also a Tour Series disc for Ohn Scoggins, and helps her as she tours the US playing disc golf. You can get a really sweet disc and help out a disc golfer a the same time. Snag these quick, Halo Tern's don't last long. More