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Innova Star Shryke 2021 Lisa Fajkus Tour Series Disc Golf Distance Driver

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The Innova Star Shryke 2021 Lisa Fajkus Tour Series Disc Golf Distance Driver is designed for distance and power. You'll find yourself throwing this disc anytime you have wide open shots for maximum distance. The stamp features the Shryke in flight, this small bird of prey is ferocious and it's known for sticking its prey onto sharp spikes.

The flight path of the Shryke is understable with lots of turn early in the flight. If you're throwing this RHBH it's going to leak right most of the flight before fading out at the end. This big S curve will give you max distance so make sure you have lots of room to swing side to side when throwing this 13 speed disc. It's not just for backhand players, sidearm throwers will also enjoy the distance the Shryke offers. The rim is still fine for folks with small hands.

Star Plastic is high quality from Innova. There's a reason their best players are on the "star" team. You'll find that it's durable, grippy, and perfect for all your discs. Drivers in this plastic hold their shape well even after errant tree hits.

The Tour Series is designed to help pro players compete at the top level. When you buy one of these discs a substantial portion of the money will go back to them to help them tour. You get a sweet disc with a sick stamp, and you help support the folks you see on Youtube and the DGPT streams. It's a win-win.

So if you're looking for an awesome disc to get you max distance, something that you know will help support an awesome player, and a disc that you can confidently bag for years. You've found it here, pick your color and get yourself a 2021 Lisa Fajkus Tour Series Innova Star Shryke today!

Speed 13 | Glide 6 | Turn -2 | Fade 2

Star Plastic

  • Highly visible blend of grippy, resilient polymers.
  • Provides maximum grip, durability, and longevity.
  • Innova's most premium plastic blend.
  • Performs well in all weather conditions.