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Innova Star Shark Disc Golf Mid-Range

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The Innova Star Shark is a stable high glide disc that's meant for long straight throws that need a touch of fade. The Shark may have a reputation as a beginner disc, but it's an excellent choice for players of every skill level.

The flight path of the Shark is straight and it won't turn unless you overpower it or throw it on an anhyzer angle. It's very much a longer putter that people love as a mid. The Shark can handle low speeds very well which makes it ideal for throws under 200 feet but it can also glide on and get up to 300 feet with a big power arm. It's primarily a backhand disc and does not have a bead. The Shark can be thrown high into the air and have a long slow hyzer fade or it can be thrown flat for that point A to point B flight. It works well in tunnel shots but is susceptible to high winds.

Star plastic from Innova is a premium blend. It's got a shiny finish and is easy to grip. Pros rely on it every single week on the Disc Golf Pro Tour and you can too. It comes in a variety of weights and colors and takes a fair amount of time to beat in. It's going to last you years, and you'll see how the Shark can handle those tree hits and still keep a similar flight path.

The Star Shark is a mid that throws straight with lots of glide. It's useful in many situations and was probably your furthest flying disc if you started with the Innova starter set. Snag one of these midrange sharks today and remember how great they fly.

Speed 4 | Glide 4 | Turn 0 | Fade 2

Star Plastic

  • Highly visible blend of grippy, resilient polymers.
  • Provides maximum grip, durability, and longevity.
  • Innova's most premium plastic blend.
  • Performs well in all weather conditions.