Innova Star Makani Glow XXL Tiki Disc Golf Putter

The Innova Makani Glow XXL Tiki Disc Golf Putter is a superclass disc. That means that it can exceed the regulation 180 gram limit and can be up to 200 grams in weight. It's a flat rimmed approach disc that will remind players slightly of a frisbee. Use this for touchy upshots when you want maximum control. While it's not usually used as a disc golf disc, it is PDGA approved and fine to play with. Many players use this to train, if you're throwing left or right with the Makani it's because you're not releasing the disc flat. One last cool thing to mention, this disc glows in the dark!

The flight path of the Makani, also known as the Zephyr can be whatever line you put it on. This disc can float and fly straight, be put on an anhyzer that it will hold, or hold a long sweeping hyzer for you. You're not going to get much distance out of this disc, but you can weave it through trees the way you won't be able to with faster discs. The Makani has a deep rim, so it's not going to fit well into small hands.

The Makani XXL comes in the star plastic. This is a favorite plastic for players of all skill levels. Star plastic is durable and grippy. There's a reason that it's some of the most thrown plastic on tour by Team Innova players.

If you're looking for a disc that's tons of fun, is great for a game of ultimate or catch, and can still be used on the disc golf course then you've found it in the Innova Makani Glow XXL Tiki Disc Golf Putter. It glows, it throws, all it needs is you.