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Innova Star Destroyer VTX Mech Disc Golf Distance Driver

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The Innova VTX Star Destroyer is a gorgeous stamped disc that stable to overstable. The Destroyer has been a staple in the bag of professional and amateur players for over a decade because it mixes control with distance. These are a Marm O. Set stamp and feature 5 blades in a circle, they look awesome when you spin the disc in your hand.

The flight path of the Star Destroyer is going to be straight to start, a little high speed turn, and then forward glide before the disc starts to slowly hyzer. It's a typical flight for a wide rim distance driver, but the Destroyer set the standard years ago. It's great for both forehand and backhand throws. You won't get your maximum distance out of this disc, but you will get that reliable fade at the end of the flight and won't flip it over. If you're throwing about 350 feet you're ready to step up to the Destroyer. To achieve the desired flight characteristics you need to put a lot of power into this disc. If you find the Destroyer isn't getting that turn when you throw it, try moving down a couple of speeds or throw it on a little anhyzer.

Star plastic from Innova is a premium blend that's durable and has a little flex to it. It's going to season in well and comes in a wide variety of weights and colors. The best players on Team Innova are moved up to the "Star Team" because it's some of their most sought after plastic.

This Destroyer is incredible with its stamp. Marm O. Set discs are collectible and just as much fun to throw. If you're looking for something to be your go to driver, get a Destroyer. More