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Innova Disc Golf

Innova Star Destroyer Ricky Wysocki "Sockibot" Disc Golf Distance Driver

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The Innova Star Destroyer Ricky Wysocki "Sockibot" Disc Golf Distance Driver is a fantastic disc.  It's used by almost every Innova pro player as a go to distance driver because of the versatility of the disc and the reliability.

The Destroyer has a speed of 12 so it takes lots of speed to get this disc going.  It will work best when you're throwing this disc 325+ feet because it needs room to swing left and right.  This disc will quickly become a go to for you in any distance situation.

The Innova Destroyer can be thrown backhand or forehand with confidence.  Look for this driver to have early turn in the flight and then a slow fade back.  Many players will find a destroyer works better for them after they beat it in for a few weeks/months.  The fade you first get on this disc will stay throughout the life of the disc though.  But those extra bumps and scrapes add more turn to the flight.

The Sockibot is an awesome stamp.  It's an Innova Proto star stamped robot flying through the air.  This disc also features Ricky Wysocki's signature, and his 2x world champion titles.  It's an incredible disc both in the stamp and the flight.

(All 175g variants of this disc have been checked and are the proper weight.  Innova initially released overweight destroyers but these are legal for PDGA play) 

Speed 12 | Glide 5 | Turn -1 | Fade 3

Star Plastic

  • Highly visible blend of grippy, resilient polymers.
  • Provides maximum grip, durability, and longevity.
  • Innova's most premium plastic blend.
  • Performs well in all weather conditions.