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Innova Star Destroyer 2022 Philo Brathwaite Tour Series Disc Golf Distance Driver

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The 2022 Tour Series Philo Brathwaite Star Destroyer from Innova is an overstable disc golf distance driver that offers players reliable distance. The stamp features a robot in flight with grenades attached to the hip. It's soaring through the sky, just like the Destroyer is meant to do.

The flight path of the Destroyer is going to be straight, have high speed turn, and then some forward glide before a long hyzer. If you're consistently crushing a disc 350+ feet this is the flight path you can expect. It's a disc designed for advanced players or folks with big arms. This disc is a great choice for sidearm or backhand shots, and you'll see it thrown week in and week out on the Disc Golf Pro Tour. What makes the Destroyer an amazing disc is that it's a blend of control and distance. You won't get your maximum distance throw with this disc, but you always know that it will fade even in headwinds. It's got a little bit of a wide sized rim, but most players will find it comfortable to hold.

Star plastic from Innova is a premium blend that offers players good grip and flight characteristics that match the flight numbers. This is the choice plastic of many professional disc golfers and regular players as well. It's affordable and it works for years. Star comes in a variety of weights and colors so make sure you get exactly what you like.

This Destroyer isn't just an awesome disc that's going to provide you with controlled distance. It's also a Tour Series disc that helps support Phil Brathwaite as he tours the US giving us commentary on live streams and playing on the pro tour. Snag one of these limited edition 2022 discs and support an awesome guy and get a great disc. More