Innova R-Pro Pig XXL War Pig Disc Golf Putter

The Innova R-Pro Pig XXL War Pig Disc Golf Putter is an amazing overstable disc that's perfect for sidearm approaches or for shorter hyzer shots. The War Pig stamp is intimidating, it takes up most of the space on the disc, and it shows off that Mohawk haircut, nose piercing, tusks, scars, soul patch, barbed wire, fangs, and a soul patch. It's menacing and aggressive, exactly what you need when you're 100 feet and in from the basket.

The flight path of the Innova Pig is short and mostly a hyzer. It's going to go straight as long as you give it power, but will always flex back dump. This makes it perfect for hunting the basket with because it's not going to roll or skip away from where it lands. The Pig handles forehand torque very well and works with backhands too. It's perfect in the open or in the woods. Any time you're going for a layup instead of putting you should pull this disc out and get close to the basket. It's a great choice for throwing in wind or in extreme conditions, because it's so overstable that the approach line will be the same no matter what.

R-Pro plastic from Innova has the benefit of being a very grippy blend of plastic. It's great for the Pig because you're interested in getting a strong grip with your fingers for maximum accuracy. It does beat in more quickly than premium blends, but since you're not throwing this disc at full power into trees it will still last you years with the same flight path.

The Innova R-Pro War Pig is a disc that gets you close so you can hit tap in putts. It's a great for sidearm throws and backhand players will love it too. Snag one of these very cool stamps and get your inside 200 foot game working for you.

Speed 3 | Glide 1 | Turn 0 | Fade 3

R-Pro Plastic

  • Best performance in all ranges of weather including the cold.
  • The rubber blend provides plastic with maximum grip.
  • Softest feeling plastic in the hand.
  • The more flexible blend absorbs impacts well.