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Innova Pro Pig Glow 2021 Ricky Wysocki Tour Series Disc Golf Putter (2)

The Innova Pro Pig Glow 2021 Ricky Wysocki Tour Series Disc Golf Putter is back and it's what everyone is throwing. These discs are very overstable and are the approach disc of choice for 2X World Champion Ricky Wysocki. The thumb track on the outer rim is great for gripping and the plastic will glow in the dark.

The flight path of the pig is short, you're not using them for distance but for maximum control. No matter how you flick or backhand this disc it's going to try to hyzer out. The Pig thrives on approaches of 200 feet or less. One of the best ways to improve your score is to get up and down from 200 feet and the pig is the perfect choice. It's got a glide rating of 1, the lowest possible rating. It won't stay airborne for long, but it will get down and not skip or roll away. You can throw this disc with confidence every time. The pig wants to hit the ground and stay 

R Pro plastic is very grippy and it's more durable than dx plastic. Since you're not going to be ripping the pig with too much power, you won't be hitting trees at full speed and damaging it as quickly. It's great for any kind of weather and the extra tacky feel is needed for when you're playing in that early morning dew. The plastic will beat in over time, but these discs will remain overstable for years.

Innova has created the Tour Series disc as a limited edition run, when they're gone they're gone. Each of these discs features a pig flying a fighter plane and shows off Ricky's name. The cool thing about these discs is that they help support Ricky as he tours the US. Some of the money you use to purchase this disc makes its way back to Ricky.

If you're looking for one of the most popular discs of the last two years, something that will help your short game, and will support a 2 time world champion. Then come grab one of these amazing Wysocki 2021 Glow Pigs.

Speed 3 | Glide 1 | Turn 0 | Fade 3

Pro Plastic

  • Made of a special blend of plastics that retains flight characteristics.
  • Offers superior glide during flight.
  • Increased durability while remaining economical.
  • Provides great all-weather grip.