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Innova Millennium Sirius Orion LS Disc Golf Distance Driver

The Innova Millennium Sirius Orion LS Disc Golf Distance Driver is a controllable distance driver that's ready for your bag. It's the perfect disc no matter where you're playing a round.

LS stands for Long Straight. When the Orion came out in 2005 it was a long driver. Now with the development of other high speed drivers it's moved in between fairway and distance to be a control disc. Players of all skill levels can throw this disc. It's similar to the Innova Valkyrie except with significantly more glide and a slower turn. The Orion LS will me a driver you can throw in the woods to shape shots or in the open field when you don't need distance driver power. It's beadless so forehand and backhand players will love throwing it. Once you beat it in, this will be an amazing hyzer flip disc perfect for controlling your long shots in the woods or around objects.

Sirius plastic is valued for both its grip and its longevity. It feels like a softer version of Innova star plastic, or ESP from Discraft. But it's more grippy and lots of players will like that especially in cold or rainy environments. It's still going to hold up well after a few tree hits, look for this plastic continuously be your favorite to hold.

Don't miss out on this amazing disc, grab one and improve your game today!

Speed 9 | Glide 5 | Turn -2 | Fade 2

Sirius Plastic

  • Incredible grip in all weather conditions
  • Soft feel in the hand
  • Durable and beats in slowly