Innova KC Pro Roc XXL Squadron Disc Golf Mid Range

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The Innova KC Pro Roc XXL Squadron Disc Golf Mid Range is a classic disc updated with a gorgeous stamp from Marm O. Set. Who doesn't love the bird skull in a bomber hat with engines around it? The longer you look at it, the cooler it gets. This disc is stable to overstable and offers players amazing grip to go on a durable plastic.

The KC Pro Roc is a flat top disc with a big bead that's designed to amazing control. Don't let the 3 fade rating fool you, it's a very straight thrower with a hyzer finish at the end of the flight. Backhand throwers will love this disc but forehand players may find that the bead gets in the way of a good approach or drive. This disc will go through a lifecycle, first it will be a little more overstable, then it will be as straight as an arrow, and finally a little light turn. The Roc is one of the most trusted discs of the last 30 years. It's a birdie hunter in the hands of a beginner or an experienced pro. It's a very point and shoot disc, you throw it where you want it to go and the Roc will go there. Don't worry about flipping this disc over, it will tail back the last 10% of the flight.

KC Pro plastic is like a stiffer DX with more durability. It won't get floppy as it beats in, and it won't become flippy after hitting a few trees. This plastic was named KC for 12x World Champion Ken Climo. If it's good enough for "Champ" it's good enough for the rest of us. The grip on KC Pro is similar to DX, so you know it's fantastic in the rain or snow, or any weather conditions.

This KC Pro Roc is the flat topped midrange that's going to be stable, fly about 100-300 feet, and park the holes you want that straight shot on. It's got a sick design, there are lots of color options as well. Snag one of these discs and see why it's preferred by so many Innova throwers.

Speed 4 | Glide 4 | Turn 0 | Fade 3

KC Pro Plastic

  • More Durable than DX Plastic
  • Grip that improves over time
  • Made at the request of 12x World Champ Ken Climo
  • Provides extra grip