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Innova KC Pro Firefly Galactic Disc Golf Putter

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The Innova KC Pro Galactic Firefly is a stable putter that has a flatter top. The galactic colors give each disc a unique swirl of color and the Firefly leaves a trail of light with its tail. This disc is perfect for your putter and

The flight path of the Firefly is straight with a small hyzer at the end of the flight. As an approach disc or throwing putter it's going to have slightly less glide than other deep rim putters so you won't fly past the basket on approaches. It will make your missed putt comebackers shorter as well. If you're putting with the Firefly you can aim right at the chains and you'll be happy with your putts. It's designed to get up and stay level. This disc was designed with Team Innova Captain Nate Sexton in mind. It's a great choice for an amateur player or a United States Disc Golf Champion. The Firefly is a workhorse whether your a spin putter or a push putter.

KC Pro Galactic plastic from Innova is a firm blend of plastic. The KC stands for Ken Climo, a 12x disc golf world champion who wanted something much more firm than DX. This plastic will beat in quickly, but will retain that shape and durability as long as you're not smashing trees. You want your putter to have some nicks in it as that will improve your grip on the rim.

The KC Pro Galactic Firefly is a mix of breathtaking swirl and a putter that you can rely on. Be demanding of yourself and expect your putts to go in when you're using this disc. Swipe through all our options at Sabattus Disc Golf to get the exact color and weight combination you'd like. More