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Innova KC Pro Animal XXL Savage Disc Golf Putter

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The Innova KC Pro Animal XXL Savage Disc Golf Putter is overstable and perfect for hitting those approach shots. It's got absolutely no glide in it, and will go only as far as you throw it. The Animal is meant to get you up and down and save you lots of strokes out on the course. The triple claw swiping through the air and the A, and animal eye make this a beautiful stamp.

The flight path of the Animal is straight for as long as you give it power. The second it stalls out it begins to hyzer and get down quickly. The glide rating of 1 is no joke, it really does want to fall out of the sky on a hyzer and stop. This makes the Animal a disc you can have confidence in every time you throw it. Think of this as your 50-150 foot straight approach shot choice. It's not going to roll, it's not going to skip, it's going to hit the ground and stop moving. The Animal works with both forehand and backhand throwers. It does have a thumbtrac on the top which makes it a little more difficult for forehand players, but it won't flip over when you give it a little juice.

KC Pro plastic from Innova is a more durable baseline blend. It's called KC for 12x World Champion Ken Climo. It's got that very grippy feel to it, and it's great in wet conditions when you need something a little more tacky than a premium blend. It beats in over time but it's still going to retain that overstable finish in the future.
Avoid trees and get into Circle 1 for a putt with the Animal. It's predictable, you can attack with it, and don't worry about rollaways or gliding past the bullseye. Lower your scores today with the Innova Animal.

Speed 2 | Glide 1 | Turn 0 | Fade 1

KC Pro Plastic

  • More Durable than DX Plastic
  • Grip that improves over time
  • Made at the request of 12x World Champ Ken Climo
  • Provides extra grip