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Innova GStar Firebird Disc Golf Distance Driver

The Innova GStar Firebird is an overstable distance driver that's a perfect utility disc. If you want something that won't flip over, you can throw in all kinds of weather conditions, and will be a reliable disc for years to come then this is it.

The flight path of the GStar Firebird is going to be one of little glide, no turn, and lots of fade. What makes this disc special is you know what it's going to do every time. Throw it exactly how far you want to, then it won't glide any further than you need and it will make a hard fade to where you need it. You can throw the Firebird as fast as you want too, it's not going to flip even in headwinds. It was designed for forehand players who tend to put more torque on their discs, but it works just as well for backhand players. This won't be the furthest flying disc in your bag, but when you step up and need a disc to fade one way and not the other, this is exactly what you'll pick.

GStar plastic is a newer plastic in Innova's arsenal. It's very similar to the star plastic, but the G is for grip and gummy. If you hate beating in a disc then this is great news, because this flies like a beat in star Firebird. It's perfect to really press your thumb into and get amazing grip. The floppy feel of this disc is comfortable for some players. In the cold weather when all your discs become overstable and rigid, the GStar plastic will still maintain some of its flexible characteristics. At Sabattus Disc Golf one thing we know is that you're disc golfers, you want a fair price for your disc because you're going to throw it. We keep our GStar plastic competitively priced for you golfers.

If you want an overstable disc that's reliable, great for grip, and affordable, you've found the right one here. Make sure you look through all our weight and color combinations so you get the exact one you want.

Speed 9 | Glide 3 | Turn 0 | Fade 4

GStar Plastic

  • The G stands for Grip, which it certainly delivers.
  • A superior, exceptionally flexible plastic blend.
  • Highly durable and ideal for cold weather.
  • Opaque with a metallic sheen.