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Innova Electronic Hand Warmer Disc Golf Accessories

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Product Description

The Innova Electronic Hand Warmer is the answer to your winter disc golf needs. If you're tired of paying two dollars for the disposable ones that keep your hands warm for a couple of hours and want a more permanent solution we've got it.

The Electronic hand warmer is easy to use, just push a button and it's on. It has three heat settings and can last between 1.5 and 3 hours depending on how hot you make it. This also doubles as a power bank for your phone if you bring your charging cord for your phone with you.

Winter and cold days are still perfect for disc golf but we all want warm hands when we're out there playing. So if you're looking to have your fingers have some feel when you play this is a great choice.

The handwarmer weighs 135 grams, so basically the same as a blizzard champion disc. However we don't recommend giving it a throw, it's much better for warming your fingers. It's rechargeable and really easy to use. Just recharge it after rounds and put it back in your bag for next time.

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