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Innova Echo Star XCaliber 2021 CDCNC Disc Golf Distance Driver

The Innova Echo Star XCaliber 2021 CDCNC Disc Golf Distance Driver features a wild stamp. It's got a lion's head, human skull, Greeks throwing discus, chains, spikes, and Laurels. If you're looking for an overstable distance driver you've found it here.

The flight path of the XCaliber is straight until it runs out of power, then it immediately fades hard. You can throw this disc with confidence either backhand or forehand. This disc is domey, it will have a long slow glidey finish that's sharp. Throw it as far as you want with the knowledge that it will finish to one side. It's like a longer Firebird. The XCal as it's often called, is a great disc for windy days, skip shots, flex shots, or when you absolutely have to avoid one side of the fairway. It's overstable so you're sacrificing distance for accuracy with this disc. It has good glide, so you'll be getting a long fade.

Echo star plastic is made from recycled plastic. It's environmentally more friendly than other discs which is awesome. It's very similar to star plastic and it's quite reliable and durable. These discs will beat in a little faster which will add distance.

This XCaliber that you buy will go to supporting college disc golf. Right now there's a boom in people playing for schools, some of your money used to purchase this disc will sponsor the college national championships bringing about the next generation of amazing players.

Speed 12 | Glide 5 | Turn 0 | Fade 4

Echo Star Plastic

  • An eco-friendly blend of at least 50% recycled plastic discs.
  • Nearly as durable as the premium plastics.
  • A buttery smooth plastic that offers superior grip.
  • Performs well in cold weather conditions.