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Innova DX Firefly Galactic Disc Golf Putter

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The Innova DX Galactic Firefly is a stable and straight flying putter. It's very similar to the Aviar but with a slightly flatter top. The Firefly is a beadless putter. This disc is perfect for catching chains and dropping those birdies in the basket. The stamp features a firefly in a target. The swirls on each disc are unique and add beauty to the disc.

The flight path of the Firefly is straight with a stable finish and very accurate inside the circle. This disc was designed with Innova Team Captain Nate Sexton in mind. It's a chain banging putter inside the circle and a great backhand approach disc. It's going to have a typical flight of a putter with high glide if you're throwing this disc off the tee. The Firefly can handle a little bit of wind, but if you're throwing in heavy winds you may want to switch to something more stable.

Galactic DX plastic has a slightly smoother feel than baseline DX plastic alone. But you'll roughen up the edges of this disc and increase your grip as you season the disc. It has nice swirl patterns that look beautiful when you're throwing.

The Innova DX Galactic Firefly is made to drain putt after putt and hit big shots with. It's got that stable flight with a little hyzer hook at the end. See why players who bag the Innova Firefly can't stop talking about how great it is. More