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Innova DISCatcher® Traveler Basket


The DISCatcher® Traveler Target is a fantastic basket.  It's economical and portable!  This breaks down into 2 separate parts, the flag on top and the basket folds in seconds by pulling a pin.  It can be carried in a bag similar to a folding camp chair.  It's the single easiest transporting basket you'll ever own.  Plus it's incredibly lightweight, at 15 pounds you can buy and carry 2 baskets at once!

The 5 legs of the basket give it great stability, although it may tip over in high winds.  The mesh basket itself and the fabric band at the top are also great quality.  The best part is that these won't scuff your putters when you're practicing as much as metal baskets will.  They're also more forgiving when you putt, as hitting the band drops the disc in, and bounce outs are rarer with the DISCatcher Traveler Basket.

This basket fits easily into the trunk of your car.  Don't be without a basket the next time you're at the beach, or a friends BBQ, or anywhere you have a few minutes to spare.  This basket is so easy to put up and break down.  Buy a DISCatcher Traveler basket from Innova and you'll always be ready to putt.

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