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Innova Champion Toro Color Glow 2022 Calvin Heimburg Tour Series Disc Golf Mid-Range

The Innova Star Toro is the 2022 Calvin Heimburg Tour Series Disc. It's a great overstable approach disc that's designed to withstand lots of torque. It has a flat top and a decent amount of flashing where the wing meets the flight plate. The stamp features a fierce bull ready to fight. The dust cloud, the flying dirt, and look in this beasts eyes let you know it means business.

The flight path is straight with little glide and then a dumpy hyzer finish. The Toro is designed to get you up and down for your birdies, not for distance or going in the basket. You can really rip into this mid without fear of it flipping over. While the numbers on it are very similar to the Rat, it has a much thicker rim to give it a little more dump and even more torque resistance. The Toro flies well forehand or backhand and is best used in the 50-150 foot range.

Color Glow Star plastic is a premium blend from Innova. It's what you see pros throwing on the Disc Golf Pro Tour each week and what locals on your course are throwing as well. Star is a great choice for the Toro because you're going to be having this hit trees and other obstacles. And you want something that keeps its over stable flight characteristics for years to come. It also glows in the dark!

The 2022 Innova Star Toro Calvin Heimburg Tour Series disc is going to be one of those discs you turn to time and time again when you need a reliable fade. But it's not just a cool looking and great flying disc. It's also the Tour Series stamp for Calvin Heimburg. Some of the money you spend on buying this disc makes its way back to Calvin. So you get to support a fellow disc golfer and get a cool disc at the same time. Snag one of these while you can.