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Innova Champion Roadrunner Metal Flake 2022 Callie McMorran Tour Series Disc Golf Distance Driver

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The 2022 Callie McMorran Champion Metal Flake Roadrunner is an awesome disc golf distance driver. It's understable and perfect for rollers, hyzerflips, and turnovers. As a 9 speed it's great for players of any skill level from beginner to world champion. The stamp features a robotic roadrunner in a Southwestern setting.

The flight path of the Roadrunner is very understable, it's designed to be released on anhyzer and thrown as a roller disc. If you're looking for bigger distance you can throw the Roadrunner on a hyzer angle and it will flip up, turn, and glide before fading out. Thrown flat you can expect the Roadrunner to turn almost from the beginning of the throw and keep on that turning line for most of the flight before slightly panning out. This disc requires lots of practice with angle control to handle. It's great for shaping different lines and shots, but it will take some time to master.

Metal Flake Champion plastic is a premium blend from Innova. It's that candy colored durable champion blend that players love, but it's also got some shiny metal pieces in the disc that catch and reflect sunlight. It is the most overstable blend, so you will find it harder to flip this Roadrunner compared to a star plastic one.

This disc isn't just a high glide turnover machine, it's also a Tour Series disc. Some of the money you spend on this amazing disc will support Callie as she tours the United States playing disc golf. You get a sweet limited edition 2022 disc and you can help out a disc golfer at the same time. So snag one of these today and get your game rolling! More