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FlighTowel Disc Golf Bag Essential

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Product Description

The FlighTowel was created specifically for disc golfers as a versatile tool out on the disc golf course, and even away from it. It's an amazing microfiber towel that takes your old towel warm-up routine to the next level with a built in resistance pocket and fob made from a real disc. 

Grab the fob, pull the towel straight through, and you'll feel the pocket open and give you resistance during your warm-up. Great for before your round, perfect for tournament delays to stay warmed-up, and awesome for practicing your form away from the course. Add in that these microfiber towels absorb water wonderfully and the fob fits perfectly in your back pocket during your round, and this disc golf towel is a must have! 

The Fligh Towel is even designed to accommodate both lefties and righties!

Each towel is individually photographed and labeled with the plastic, mold, plastic color, which hand it is designed for, R (Right hand) or L (Left hand) and towel color.

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