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Discraft Z Line Undertaker Metallic 2021 Missy Gannon Tour Series Disc Golf Distance Driver

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The Discraft Z Line Undertaker Metallic 2021 Missy Gannon Tour Series disc offers a consistently stable fairway driver. It helped propel Missy to the DGPT and Throw Pink Championships in 2021 as her straight flying driver.
The flight path of the Undertaker is a very straight one with a light hyzer finish. The -1 turn is barely noticeable in the flight and the 2 fade is not much more than the disc will have a little tail at the end of the flight. The Undertaker offers lots of control and straight long flights on shots that are a little too long to trust a mid. It's the ultimate tunnel shot disc, and it doesn't swing side to side much at all so it's a great choice when you know you're 200-325 feet away. This disc can be thrown by any player from beginners to touring pros.
Z Line plastic from Discraft is their premium durable blend. It's designed to take those tree hits, rock hits, and the metal without chipping or gouging. It's comfortable to grip and is an excellent choice for a driver because when you're throwing hard you don't want discs that can chip.
This specific Undertaker is also awesome because some of the money you use to purchase the disc makes it way to Missy Gannon as she tours the world crushing discs. You get a shiny driver that will help with your drives and you support a fellow disc golfers dream. It's a win-win, so get one of these awesome discs today!

Speed 9 | Glide 5 | Turn -1 | Fade 2 | Stability Rating 1.4

Z Plastic

  • Premium Durability
  • Most Stable Discraft Plastic
  • Choice plastic for pros