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Discraft Z Line Fierce Metallic 2021 Paige Pierce Tour Series Disc Golf Putter

The Discraft Z Line Fierce Metallic 2021 Paige Pierce Tour Series Disc Golf Putter is an amazing disc that's perfect for driving, upshots, and putting.

The flight path of the Fierce is understable, with lots of glide. One of the great things about this putter is that it's comfortable in the hands of anyone. Some putters have a lot of rim and smaller hand players are left out. This disc eliminates that, but still maintains a great rim depth ratio to give the disc glide. The Fierce was made for 5x world champion Paige Pierce, for her and for everyone to throw. You can rely on this disc to have a little extra turn when you throw it backhand, and that allows it to get good distance. It's useful for long putts, and for upshots where you want the disc to carry. But it's also awesome off the tee where you need that straighter flight of a putter, say in the woods.

Z Line Plastic is some of the most durable that Discraft offers. This is also a metallic blend of Z Line which gives it a little extra shimmer in the sunlight. It's the choice of many pros for their discs that are going to hit trees and rocks because they know it will maintain the flight characteristics for a long time.

Another great thing about the tour series discs is that it helps support top pros like Paige Pierce as she travels across the world competing in disc golf. If you're looking for an awesome disc with amazing color and sparkle, that will help your game and support a touring pro, then you've found it. Snag one of these awesome Tour Series Fierce's today!

Speed 3 | Glide 4 | Turn -2 | Fade 0 | Stability Rating 0.0

Z Plastic

  • Premium Durability
  • Most Stable Discraft Plastic
  • Choice plastic for pros