Discraft Titanium Zone Disc Golf Putter

The Discraft Titanium Zone Disc Golf Putter is an overstable approach disc designed to handle the torque of forehand or sidearm throws, and to be reliable for backhands as well. It's a supreme choice for your inside 100 feet disc.
The flight path of the Zone is predictable and consistent. After about 50% of the flight the Zone will stable up and start to hyzer out. It will then get down to the ground, pop up a little bit and stop right there. This makes it one of the premier discs for amateur and pros who want to get those close putts. It's the choice of players like 5x World Champion Paul McBeth and many recreational players as well. You can crush the Zone as hard as you want and it's not going to flip over on you, in fact it's an excellent flex disc if you need to get around a couple of trees. The Zone was not built for distance, it's going to be a struggle to get it over 250 feet but that's not the point of this disc. Throw high and to the side of the basket to let the Zone do all the work of getting you those tap ins.
Titanium plastic from Discraft is a blend that's durable and offers great grip. It's a premium blend of plastic so you pay a little more but it's worth it to have a disc that's going to have the same flight characteristics even after slamming objects. It's got shiny colors and the grip is very tacky compared to other plastic.
The Titanium Zone from Discraft is designed for sticking to the ground, not getting big distance, and for players of all skill levels. Any overstable approach disc is a staple in any bag, make sure you're trying out the Zone today.

Speed 4 | Glide 3 | Turn 0 | Fade 3 | Stability Rating 2.0

Titanium Plastic

  • Glossy appearance, still great grip.
  • Super durable and reliable
  • Softer than ESP in the hand