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Discraft Rubber Blend Glo Nuke 2021 Ledgestone Disc Golf Distance Driver

The Discraft Rubber Blend Glo Nuke 2021 Ledgestone Disc Golf Distance Driver is a disc meant for advanced players, who can throw 325+ feet. This rubber blend is a mixture of glo plastic and Jawbreaker. It gives these Nukes a very tacky feel for extra grip. It doesn't have enough glow plastic to glow in the dark, just to smooth out the rough rubber feel.

The flight path of the Nuke is a little early turn, lots of glide, and then a hard fade at the end. This disc has a wide rim so expect a big skip when you're throwing this on short grass or dirt. This run of Nukes is also slightly less domey, so expect less glide but more flip and turn in the flight. You'll get more turn right away than with some other runs of this mold. It's an excellent choice for both forehand and backhand players. This disc is designed to get distance, but also control where you land. You'll always fade hard at the end of the flight with a Nuke, but it's got a little turn so you can still get an S curve for distance.

Rubber Blend Plastic is very grippy from Discraft. You can really put your thumb into this plastic when you're throwing. It's perfect for rainy days, snowy days, anytime your other discs would have less than ideal grip, reach for this disc.

This Nuke is also part of the Ledgestone 2021 Ledgestone Limited Edition Series. It was released in this special blend of plastic to support the tournament this year. Some of the money that you spend on these discs will go to the players purse. The Ledgestone Open routinely brings the best players in the world out because they know there's a huge cash prize for the winners.

So if you're looking for an amazing disc, something that's a great mix of distance and control, and something to support players who tour. Get yourself one of these Limited Edition Rubber Blend Nuke discs before they're all gone.

Speed 13 | Glide 5 | Turn -1| Fade 3 | Stability Rating 1.6

Rubber Blend Plastic

  • Best grip available
  • Beats in quickly
  • Malleable, soft in the hand