Discraft Jawbreaker Glo Buzzz OG LE 2021 Ledgestone Disc Golf Midrange

The Discraft Jawbreaker Glo Buzzz OG LE 2021 Ledgestone Disc Golf Midrange is a super grippy run of the Buzzz disc that you know and love. It's stable without being a meat hook, and it's perfect for everyone from beginner players all the way up to pros. According to Discraft it's a new mix of plastic both ESP Glo and Jawbreaker which will give it a unique feel.  There's not enough Glo to make it glow in the dark, but gives the disc a smoother feel.

The flight path of the Buzzz is straight, lots of glide, and has a slow smooth fade at the end. The Buzzz is great for when you need more than a putter, less than a driver. It fits the bill when you're looking for a disc to float in the air for a while, especially on those straight tunnel shots. It can hold a long glide hyzer or anhyzer if you want. This disc has been a workhorse in the Discraft lineup since it was invented. It's fine for forehands and great for backhand players. You'll be using the Buzzz off the tee, in the trees, and for your long upshots. It's an all around great disc that every player should have.

Since this disc is a new plastic blend it's interesting to see what it's going to do. It's got Glo ESP and hopefully keep ESP's durability. It's also got Jawbreaker plastic which is perfect for grip in any weather. It's got swirl all over the disc and the grip is incredible. That can't be overstated.

These discs are part of the Ledgestone Series. They're limited edition and some of the money goes to the pro purse for the 2021 Ledgestone Open. It's a huge tournament that attracts the best tour players around the world because it consistently offers high payouts. The Ledgestone Open works with Discraft to release awesome molds and designs each year to raise money for this event. So if you want an incredible disc, with a unique plastic blend, and to support the best players in the world. Grab a Discraft Jawbreaker Glo Buzzz OG LE 2021 Ledgestone Open disc today!

Speed 5 | Glide 4 | Turn  -1 | Fade 1 | Stability Rating 0.5

Jawbreaker OG Glo Plastic

  • Grippiest plastic Discraft offers
  • Each disc has unique dots
  • Beats in quickly