Discraft ESP Zone Disc Golf Putter

The Discraft ESP Zone is an overstable approach disc that can function as a putter in high winds. What makes this disc so special is that it's never flips over. It's designed for short flights and it wants to hyzer and get down to the ground. This disc is perfect for getting your forehand or backhand shots close to the basket and giving you more tap in putts. This disc is for advanced players who can throw 200 feet.

The flight path of the Zone is predictable and consistent. You can throw it out flat and after about 50% of the flight it's going to dip the outer wing and hyzer. The outer wing is the side your hand didn't touch. So if you throw a right hand backhand the disc will go left, if you throw a right hand forehand the Zone will go right. This mold is a staple in 5x World Champion Paul McBeth's bag. It's always going to react the same way. And once it hits the ground it has very little groundplay. The Zone functions basically the same in all weather conditions. You can rip it as hard as you want and you won't flip it over.

ESP Plastic is a very durable, premium blend. It's got that little bit more flex than Z line and it's still going to have that overstable flight after years of hitting metal and trees. It's got solid grip and doesn't ding easily.

The Zone delivers the same flight path every time you throw it. Take the variables out of your shot and see how the Zone works in your disc golf bag.

Speed 4 | Glide 3 | Turn 0 | Fade 3 | Stability Rating 2.0

ESP Plastic

  • Comfortable Grip
  • Good durability
  • Stamped with cool designs