Discraft ESP Vulture Disc Golf Distance Driver

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The Discraft ESP Vulture Disc Golf Distance Driver is a stable disc that's got a long flight and a reliable slow high glide hyzer to finish. It's a great choice for forehand players and backhand throwers as well. This is designed for players who throw 300+ feet consistently.
The flight path of the Vulture is one that's fairly straight for 70% of the flight. Then it's going to slow down and begin a long hyzer. The Vulture won't flip over unless you really torque it or throw it on anhyzer, and it will attempt to pan back out and flip at the end of the flight. As a 10 speed it's meant when you have a lot of distance to cover and you also want that reliable fade at the end of the flight. The Vulture won't be your furthest flyer but it's a step up in distance from very overstable discs. The Vulture is useful in 250+ feet when you want a reliable fade at the end of the flight and don't want any turn in your shot. This is a solid choice on most par 3's and 4's.
ESP Plastic from Discraft is a premium blend that's durable and offers excellent grip. It's trusted by touring pros every single week and it's still a very reasonable price for amateur players to throw as well. ESP comes in a variety of weights and colors and is stable without being as overstable as Z line. It still takes time to beat in properly but not too long.
The ESP Vulture is a great disc to manage distance with control. It's great for shot shaping, throwing with confidence and placement, and it's going to have a reliable fade at the end of the flight. See why so many people are turning to this disc as their go to driver.

Speed 10 | Glide 5 | Turn 0 | Fade 2 | Stability Rating 1.7

ESP Plastic

  • Comfortable Grip
  • Good durability
  • Stamped with cool designs