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Discraft ESP Undertaker 2022 Ben Callaway Tour Series Disc Golf Distance Driver

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The 2022 Ben Callaway Tour Series ESP Undertaker is a disc golf distance driver that's got a little bit of turn early for a stable flight. This disc is a staple in many players bags as it has that little turn, high glide, and stable up at the end that players of all skill levels can use. The stamp features a grid pattern background, Ben Callaway's name and his logo featuring his initials. It also has Under Taker featured prominently on the front.

The flight path of the Undertaker is going to be straight for the most part. It will have a little turn early in the flight, but it doesn't flip over (except in a headwind). The Undertaker isn't a maximum distance driver. It allows you to throw with less power but still get great distance shots. When you're 175-300 feet away from the pin or your landing zone you can take out the Undertaker. It's like a slightly further fairway driver, if you're in between distances and don't know what to throw, this is a great option. It handles the forehand or sidearm shots just as well as the backhand. Take the Undertaker in a tunnel, in the wide open, or anywhere in between.

ESP plastic from Discraft is a premium blend. It's what you see the pros on Team Discraft making amazing shots with on the Disc Golf Pro Tour. They use it because it's flying well no matter the weather conditions. It will have the same flight characteristics for a long time as well and takes a bit of tree hitting to season.

The 2022 Ben Callaway Undertaker Tour Series disc in the ESP plastic is going to be your straight flier. It's also a fantastic way to support Ben as he tours the US. Some of the money you spend on this disc makes it way back to him. You get a disc that fills that straight hole in your bag for versatile shots and you help out a disc golfer too! Snag these while we have them in stock! More