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Discraft ESP Thrasher 2022 Missy Gannon Tour Series Disc Golf Distance Driver

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The Missy Gannon Tour Series ESP Thrasher from Discraft is a max distance driver that offers players lots of turn and an S curve at high speed. The stamp features Missy's name, Discraft, and a checkerboard pattern on the front. It's slightly domey and rounded at the top.

The flight path of the Thrasher is early turn with high speeds, it holds that for most of the way and then begins to fade back and does a long hyzer out. There's a good chance that the Thrasher will be the furthest flying disc in your bag. The really great thing about the Thrasher is that despite the high speed, it isn't a disc that you need a big arm to make the most of. If you're a slower thrower you can still get lots of turn on this disc. This is a disc that Missy Gannon has relied on for years and is something that you can trust as well. For players with big arms give this disc a little extra height so it doesn't turn over into a cut roller. The Thrasher handles the torque of forehand or sidearm and backhand throws very well.

ESP Plastic from Discraft is a premium blend. It's got that durability and grip pros rely on each week on the Disc Golf Pro Tour and it's affordable too. ESP will last you for years and is great in any weather conditions.

The Missy Gannon Thrasher is a special disc, not just because you get an awesome disc that gives you maximum distance potential, but also because it helps support Missy Gannon as she tours the country crushing long drives and putts. You get a sick disc with a clean stamp and you get to help one of the best FPO players on tour. Snag one of these while they last! More