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Discraft ESP Surge 2022 Chandler Fry Tour Series Disc Golf Distance Driver

The 2022 Discraft Chandler Fry Tour Series Surge is a stable to overstable disc golf distance driver. It's domey and despite being a high speed disc the rim isn't super wide. The stamp features the CF logo, Chandler's name and a grip pattern with the name of the disc in the back.

The flight path of the Surge is slightly stable. It's got a little bit of high speed turn but lots of forward glide and a slow hyzer finish. It's a familiar flight path to many other distance drivers, but the Surge is a little easier to get up to speed and to flip over for turn. It's an excellent forehand or sidearm choice and it handles the backhand supremely well too. The Surge offers players of advanced skill levels a go to choice for a driver. It's best used by players who are already throwing 300+ feet consistently. The Surge excels anytime you want big distance. If you're kind of in between fairway drivers and other discs from Discraft like the Zeus or Force you should give the Surge a chance to show how incredible the flight is.

ESP Plastic from Discraft is a premium blend. It's the choice of professional players on tour, world champions, and local players as well. It beats in over time, has great grip, and comes in a wide variety of weights and colors. It's popular on any course you're throwing on.

The 2022 Chandler Fry Tour Series Surge is a fantastic disc. It's going to get you long flights with a slightly stable finish and become your primary driver. But this disc also helps support Chandler as he tours the US playing disc golf. You get a sweet disc and you get to help out a disc golfer at the same time. Snag one of these discs before they go flying off the shelves! More