Discraft ESP Stratus Tour Series 2021 Ledgestone Disc Golf Fairway Driver

The Discraft ESP Stratus Tour Series 2021 Ledgestone Disc Golf Fairway Driver is an understable disc that has immense glide and can be thrown on anhyzer or for a roller with ease.

The flight path of the Stratus depends largely on which angle you release it on. Because this disc is so flippy, if you release it flat it will turn over and ride the anhyzer for a long way. It has tremendous glide for a mid range, you'll be able to throw this disc quite far with little effort. If you release the Stratus on a hyzer it will flip up to flat and turn, then fade back at the end very lightly. Many beginning players can use this disc for good distance. If you release this disc with lots of speed or on an anhyzer it will become a roller disc. The Stratus doesn't need much power to get going, it's excellent in the woods when you want a disc that can glide but don't have lots of room for your feet. It will quickly become a trick shot disc for you.

ESP Plastic from Discraft is supremely durable and offers amazing grip. It's the choice of professional players who are looking for reliable release, and want a disc that doesn't break when it hits a tree. ESP is affordable, it's durable, and it's definitely worth the investment in your game.

The Ledgestone Series discs help support the 2021 Ledgestone Open, a huge tournament in August. This tournament has one of the biggest purses in disc golf, and that's helped grow by players like you. Some of the money you spend buying these discs will go back to the Ledgestone Open and go to the top finishers. So you can get an amazing limited edition disc, and you can help support pro players as they compete.

If you're looking for an understable disc, something that can roll or be used for trick shots, and is durable, that also helps support touring players. Then come grab a Discraft ESP Stratus Tour Series 2021 Ledgestone Open disc today!

Speed 5 | Glide 4 | Turn -4 | Fade 1 | Stability Rating -1.0

ESP Plastic

  • Comfortable Grip
  • Good durability
  • Stamped with cool designs